Mohammed Ahkter

C4I System Engineer
Global C4I system designer, operations & system management
603 - 840 - 7942


OBJECTIVE:  A challenging permanent position within Defense Environment.  



  • Determined professional with an excellent educational and technical background. 
  • Ability to pay close attention to details, analyze and organize. 
  • Strong human relations skills and leadership 



California State University, Fullerton, California, USA1992 

Masters in Computer Science 


University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, 1979  

BSEE in Electronics and computers   


JAVA, HTML, Oracle and website design 


Hughes Aircraft Company, Fullerton, California, USA, 1994 

X-Windows and Motif course. 

Oracle, SQL Databases. 






  • Prepared bids for Aerospace and Defense related projects. 
  • Experienced in Project Management, Milestone Development and Resource Utilization 
  • Demonstrated consulting, influencing, and negotiating skills 
  • Negotiated contracts with clients, Arranged and participated in seminars and trade shows. 
  • Supervised a group of software engineers, programmers and operators. 
  • Accomplished Software Developer, Trainer, Coursework Developer, Technical Writer. 
  • Familiar with the Link-16 (JTIDS) protocol and messages. 
  • Experienced in the Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C4I) systems 
  • Microsoft Share Point, Excel, ACCESS, Project, PowerPoint, Databases, Drawing and Presentation S/W. 
  • Experienced in Object Oriented Programming and client/server design. 
  • Experienced in HTML, JAVA, Assembly, Pascal, FORTRAN, C/C++, Jovial, Basic, LISP 
  • UNIX, VMS, X-Windows and Motif, Windows XP, Windows 7 ,8, Mac OS 





Zahran Operations and Maintenance (for Royal Saudi Air Force).  (Feb 2015 ~ Date) 

Raytheon Systems Company, Hughes Aircraft Company, Abacus Technology, Kollsman (1992~2015) 


Managedcomputer operations for a segment of Peace Shield C4I Project. Supervised a team of 20 members including software engineers, programmers and operators. Administered the LAN and WAN with over 60 nodes running Oracle, Linux, UNIX, VxWorks and VAX VMS. Upgraded C4I operational software. 


Performed analysis, resolution, design, implementationtesting and documentation of several areas of a major C4I system including Applications Software, Multipurpose DisplaysAir Defense and Telling related STRs and UCRs according to the established processes, procedures, CDRLs, SENs, CSWPs, SOPs, SRS and the new requirements and enhancements. 


Prepared specs for the Main VAX replacement by VAX emulators project within Peace Shield C4I project. 

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MOHAMMED P. AKHTER_____________________________________________________________ 

Developed a high level of proficiency on Raytheon’s Sentry System (ACOC in Riyadh). Performed Air Surveillance, protocol conversion and Simulation on SENTRY system. 


Developed training Curriculum for topics in Combat/Air Defense Operational Software and conducted training. 


Updated the Tactical Digital Interface Link (TADIL) Software for linking the Air Force with the Naval Forces,  

Familiar with the Link-16 (JTIDS) protocols and messages. 


Developed a high degree of familiarity with the Software Requirements Specification (SRS), Peace Shield Common Software Process (CSWP), Software Engineering Notebooks (SEN) and Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) practices and procedures. 


Designed, implemented, tested and fielded the interface of the C4I air defense system with the Civil aviation intermediary for flight plans and aircraft status acquisition using Client/server design. 


Prepared software technical documentation and operating procedures, wrote Excel Macros for software status report generation and conducted detailed studies for software maintenance. Interfaced with the military customer 

for requirements, proposal generation, engineering design, idea sell off, design and implementation of C4I feature enhancements and upgrades. Generated test plans, briefings, reports and gathered critical debugging information from data reduction. 


Designed the data acquisition, storage and retrieval software for the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) supplied weather data. Designed the radar data acquisition, storage, retrieval and modeling software. Implemented the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for the displays of an air defense system. Designed and supervised implementation of error analysis tools for an air defense system.  



Mitsubishi Electronics. (1987 ~ 1991) 

Designed, coded, tested, installed an upgraded the entire software for an embedded control, technically sophisticated application in a distributed intelligence, network environment. Designed procedures, methods, and software for testing various PCB’s. Interfaced with consultants, vendors and manufacturers. Hired technical personnel. Participated in trade shows.  


Designed the software for several embedded controllers. Designed and coded device drivers for blower motors, stepper motors, valves, inverters and relays. Wrote device drivers/ interface for temperature and pressure sensors, switches and keypads. Completed the system in record time. Generated extensive documentation. Wrote technical, installation and user’s manuals.  


ITT Technical Institute: (1985 ~ 1987) 

Designed, documented and taught course work and lab experiments for microprocessors, computer programming and process control. Conducted and assisted in numerous projects in microprocessor interfacing and process control. Conducted open houses, seminars and workshops for students.  


Diversified Lab Services: (Sep 1981 ~ Aug 1994, as a Consultant/Contractor) 

Designed, coded, implemented and upgraded software for Patient Data Management, Billing, Employee payroll, Instrument interface and several other software packages. Latest software techniques in windowing, B+ tree and binary sort and search were utilized. Pascal, C and Basic programming languages were used. 


Hughes Aircraft Company: (Feb 1981 ~ Jun 1983) 

Participated in the design, coding and implementation of software for operating system set, real time executive and device drivers for an air defense system. Extensive documentation was involved.  


Developed Data base management, Accounting, inventory control, Reporting, Data analysis software using state of the art techniques for various clients.