Ntoh Etta

Business Strategy & Finance | Business & Corporate Development | Business Operations | Six-Sigma Black Belt Professional
20+ Year
Personal Experience

Ntoh Etta is a dynamic and entrepreneurial leader with a unique blend of business strategy, technology and operations experiences that span many complementary industries. He is the President of Horizon Global Partners (HGP) a global technology and Business Operations group that focuses on driving sustainable transformation growth for its clients through strategy development, continuous operations/process optimization and innovative technology delivery. He recently served as the Vice President/General Manager (GM) of International & Commercial Business Sector for L-3 Technologies (NSS Division). Ntoh led the firm’s global business unit, delivering year-over-year record growth and expansion into new markets (Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America). He was instrumental in reshaping the organization’s strategic focus, driving greater market penetration, leading to a successful divestiture of the business unit. During his tenure, he transformed the firm’s operations globally, driving higher margin/EBIT positions while managing an $89M portfolio. He was a vital member of the L-3 NSS acquisition transaction and transition team. 

Early Years

Prior to L-3, he served as the Senior Director of Strategy & Business Operations at Constant Contact, Inc. He led the firm’s global business strategy, planning, operation, strategic finance and sales process transformation, launching new programs and processes while driving incremental growth in the core business. Under Ntoh’s leadership, the company exceeded its sales/growth targets six of eight quarters and launched operations in Europe with test pilots into the Latin America region. Ntoh also founded and served as the Principal Strategist of EttaGroup, a private consulting practice that focused on strategic growth development, and business operations optimization to drive sustainable growth for both private and public sector clients. Through EttaGroup, Ntoh has served as a strategic advisor for several private equity firms (General Atlantics, Google Ventures and American Securities) providing guidance in acquisition valuation and diligence, merger integration, as well as business process and growth strategy optimization for their portfolio companies. 

Ntoh also served as the Director of Strategic Projects & Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Network Solutions, where he was influential in the growth of the company for over six years. He led the expansion of Network Solutions into South America (establishing operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina), accelerating the company’s growth while optimizing the firm’s operating costs model. He managed operational and technology diligence on several acquisition targets and led two successful post-acquisition integrations, attaining key synergistic objectives. Ntoh was instrumental in leading Network Solutions’ response to a major data security breach in 2008, launching an adaptive multi-layer cyber security operation and closed investigations by the FTC and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council with no litigation or monetary penalties. During his tenure at Network Solutions, Ntoh held several key positions including Managing Director for the MonsterCommerce division and Director of E-commerce Development serving approximately 13,000 global e-commerce merchants who generated over $2 billion in combined annual sales. He also led Network Solutions into the Online Marketing and Web Design services market segments launching eight new market offerings while serving as the Product Development Manager. 

Career Guidelines

Earlier in his career, Ntoh served as the Business Solutions Architect (Global Trade Solutions Manager) for JPMorgan Chase. He led the deployment of the first integrated Global Trade Platform for the company. He has also held management positions with other firms such as General Electric and Creative Logistics Solutions. His experiences span globally through the financial, technology, management consulting and manufacturing sectors serving Fortune 500 clients such as Sony NA, Hoffman-La Roche, Volvo NA, Oakley, and Avnet. He has also served in several other functional areas such as Business Operations and Finance, Corporate Development, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Security and Compliance Management. 

Ntoh was born in the Central African nation of Cameroon where he completed his high school education. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater and an MBA from The George Washington University School of Business. He also holds an executive management fellowship from Harvard Business School and a Six-Sigma Black Belt Certification. He has served as an advisory board member for several start-up firms and is a visiting career advisor for Streetwise Partners in Washington DC and several high schools in the northern Virginia area. 

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